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About Us

DeWitt Area Emergency Services Authority (DAESA) serves 77 square miles in southern Clinton County encompassing the City of DeWitt, Olive Township, and Riley Township.  We are strictly a volunteer/paid on call department consisting of 23 fire fighters.  DAESA was formed in December of 2001 and is completely funded by the general fund of each of the three municipalities.

Station #1
911 W. Main Street, DeWitt, MI




Station #2
1430 W. Pratt Road, DeWitt, MI




Station #3
7120 W. Pratt Road, DeWitt, MI









ISO Protection Class is 5 for the City of DeWitt and ISO Class 7 for most residences in Olive and Riley Townships.
Olive Township and Riley Township Burn Permit Rules


Board Members

Roy Thelen, Chair          Riley Township Representative
Chris Greenfield, Vice-Chair   Olive Township Representative
Sheryl Landgraf, Secretary/Treasurer
City of DeWitt Representative
Brad Boron
Olive Township Representative
Dave Hunsaker   City of DeWitt Representative
Don Potts   Riley Township Representative


Fire Department

Fire Chief          Joe Spagnuolo
Asst. Fire Chief   John Braska
Captain   Terry Powell
Captain   Dave Barnett
Lieutenant    Kyle Hansbarger
Recording Secretary   Sandra June